Restore the precision tool holding taper on your spindle without the need for a complete and costly spindle repair.

Gunnex provides an on-site service to restore the precision tool holding taper on your machine tool spindle. Utilizing our CNC Spindle Taper Grinding System, a Gunnex on-site technician can grind the taper to your required specification, without removing the spindle from the machine. Our on-site service is available on all horizontal and vertical machining centers, using the Cat, BT, and BIG Plus® tool holding systems. Our CNC Spindle Taper Grinding service provides a high quality repair to your bad spindle taper, while keeping the machine downtime to an absolute minimum.

On-site Taper Grinding Process

  • Complete spindle inspection prior to taper grinding
    • Vibration analysis
    • Detailed taper inspection
      • Visual inspection
      • Taper contact – (Bluing)
      • Runout taken in multiple locations
      • Precision test bar measurements
    • Tooling inspection
    • Drawbar retention force measurements
  • Taper grind system set up
  • Grind spindle taper
  • Constant monitoring and measurements taken through entire grind
  • Complete quality control inspection after grind

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